Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personal data on this website.

This site sets no cookies nor collects any tracking data.

There is no embedded content from other websites on this site.

We are not tracking visits with analytics software.

Log Files Nginx, our web server software, generates log files — text files that record one line of data each time a browser request is made. For example, a line of data elements (described in detail below) is added to the end of a log file each time a page is viewed or an element on the page is clicked. Our sysadmin uses its log files only to fix errors on the site and to defend against malicious attacks. If we detect an attack on our site, we will use log file data to try to determine the source of the attack. We may also share or report to law enforcement or other service providers (such as denial-of-service mitigation service providers) information about malicious attacks. All log files are automatically deleted after 7 days unless we believe that we need to retain them for longer in order to investigate or report a bug or malicious attack. This site logs the following information from users who visit our site:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address: The address of your computer on the Internet. Your IP address gets transmitted whenever you communicate online or surf the Web so that the content you are looking at and the people you are talking to can find your computer on the network in order to respond to you.
  • The time and date the browser requested the URL of the page.
  • URL of the page that directed (a “referrer”) you to our site: If you arrive at our website through a link on another website (a blog, newspaper article, or search engine, for example) our web server will record the address of the web page that referred you to our site, if available. If you arrive at our website by clicking on a search result returned by a search engine, our server will record the search terms that you used when that information is available. However, for search engines that offer encryption (such as’s organic search results), we do not receive the search terms that you used.
  • The web pages within our site: The specific web pages you visit within our site, including the first page you visit (the entry page) and the last page you visit (the exit page).
  • Amount of traffic used in the transaction: The total number of bytes downloaded when you browse our site.