Check out some of the ongoing policy discussions related to Artificial Intelligence –

Current/ Upcoming:

Council of Europe, Consultation on the elements of a legal framework on AI, This effort may shape a future international agreement, but the consultation is currently only open to organizations (not individuals) Submit comments here by April 29, 2021

European Commission, Proposal for a Regulation laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act). This document reflects the EU’s thinking on regulating certain uses of emerging technologies. Official document released April 2021. We anticipate a consultation will be available soon.


European Commission Whitepaper on a Framework for AI Regulation, part of the Commission’s larger digital strategy, Submit comments here by May 31, 2020

Australian Human Rights Commission, Consultation on Human Rights and Technology, Comments accepted until March 10, 2020

US White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Request for Comments on a draft memo “Guidance for Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Applications” – Comments due March 13, 2020

World Intellectual Property Organization, Consultation on the impact of artificial intelligence on intellectual property – Consultation closed February 14, 2020

UK ICO and the Turing Institute, Consultation on Explaining AI Decisions Guidance, Comments closed January 24, 2020

European Commission, Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, Piloting Process for Assessment Criteria – closed December 2019

United States Patent & Trade Office, Request for Comments on Intellectual Property Protection for Artificial Intelligence InnovationComment period closed January 10, 2020

U.S. Dep’t of Housing and Urban Development, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking addressing claims and defenses based on disparate impacts of algorithmic systems. Comment period closed October 18, 2019

Nat’l Science Foundation, Update to Strategic Computing Objectives, Request for Information – Comment period closed August 23, 2019

Notice of request for information: Identifying Priority Access or Quality Improvements for Federal data and models for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development (R&D), and Testing. Comments closed August 9, 2019

National Institute for Standards & Technology, Draft Plan for AI Standards – Comments closed July 19, 2019

Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry & Security, Conference on Export Controls – Emerging Technologies, Strategic Trade, and Global Threats (July 9-11, 2019)

U.S. Dep’t of Defense, Defense Innovation Board, Federal Advisory Committee Meeting (July 10, 2019)

Federal Data Strategy, Year-1 Action Plan – Comment period closed July 5, 2019

National Institute for Standards and Technology, Draft White Paper on Combinatorial Methods for Explainability in AI and Machine Learning – Closed July 3, 2019